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The DIY Project I Most Want to Do


#9 : Little Lacy Miracle Dress

Jutta did it again. Am I featuring her work here for the second or third time now? Lost count. My initial ‘rule’ was to not feature a link party guest more than once. But what to do with someone who keeps on coming back with ‘winners’. I’ve decided to give you (my reader) the best, no matter who submits it.

If you want a copy of her dress sewing pattern book with 25 such great dresses, here it is:

I Am Cute Dresses:
25 Simple Designs to Sew

(click the image/text)
Inexpensive for so many patterns!

tote bags

#10 : Hip Pleated Tote Bag

I’d like to feature another Nomination in this category by Esther at “Happy in Red”. The simplicity, the adorable fabrics, the size, and I guess the overall tone/style of the bag speaks to me.

The Simplest, Quickest Embellishment Crafts
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The DIY Project I Most Want to Do

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  1. Oh wow! Thank you so much lovely Rose! It is an honor being featured!!!
    hugs to you, and thanks for hosting and for your gorgeous blog!

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