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:: Handmade Valentines Gifts are Best ::

This shirt folding board is a paper decoupage project I made years ago that I thought would make a fun scrapbooking Valentines gift for a person who has lots of shirts to fold … Like your dad, your husband, your papa??

shirt folding board

And that is to make him a ‘shirt-folding board’. ‘What is that??’- you ask?! A shirt-folding board allows you to fold shirts fast, and to make perfect-looking shirt piles. It’s a ‘God-sent’ for unorganized types who have the most unorganized closets, and it is angelic for organized types who relish things neat and tidy.

Step-by-step Instructions

STEP 1. Measure the desired length and width. Rather than give you my measurements, I am suggesting that instead you measure his wardrobe shelf, and thus the width the shirts should be.  Allow for one to two inches  in between shirt piles.Then, make a board with  slightly less than the ideal width of each shirt.

If you don’t know the closet measurements of the person you are making this for, and thus don’t know the ideal measurements of the shirt folder, then opt to make the folder slightly larger than you think it needs to be, and to make a design on it that will look good, even if the edges of your work will be trimmed off.


Travel Shirt Folding Packs

Standard board dimensions for shirt travel folding boards are: 15" x 10", just to give you a guideline. Best brand = Eagle Creek Pack-it. If you use to these dimensions for your folding board, he can simply transfer a stack of his shirts from his wardrobe to his travel case.  Fastest travel packing ever.


STEP 2. Find a fun or vintage Valentines Card that you’d like to use as a center piece for your decoration. Glue it on.  Mine reads:

“There are Many Things, I’m sure, she said,
without which we could not live.
But LOVE is the only one that I could think of”.

Perfect for a Valentine’s Gift

(as well as a Fathers Day or Mothers Day gift)


decorated folding board


STEP 3. Cut scrap paper of a compatible color to your card to decoupage the rest of the card in a mosaic pattern.

Wrap it up as a present.  What is particularly nice about this present is that the folding board is typically stored in his closet, so he will be reminded of your love every morning. How nice is that?!


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