Face Painting Designs, Ideas & Examples

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Make-Up That Makes A Masterpiece

The key to making a master face painting and a perfect disguise is in the preparation & planning, and that goes beyond having all materials you’ll need laid out.

As part of your face painting prep: Besides designing the face painting to suit the Halloween costume, the theme character, plus the shape of the face, there are other considerations ~ not in the least is deciding which face painting to buy. This article is to give you some designs, ideas and great Halloween Face Painting examples.

witch face painting

Before I move onto examples and effects, first let talk about materials needed.



  • * Skin moisturizer / foundation for skin protection: First things first: protect your skin. Do so prior to using heavy make-up and face paint during Halloween. It’s recommended to put a light moisturizer on that will gently keep your skin from drying out beneath the make-up. Or, if you prefer, apply a light coat of Vaseline, to keep the face paints and heavy make-up from ruining their skin. Apply a base make-up all over your face and neck before using bolder colors and techniques.
  • * Face paint. With so many different face paint brands to choose from, look for keywords on the label like: safe, sensitive skin, hypo-allergenic, removable, and approved. This is particularly important for make-up for children and teenagers, who tend to have ultra-sensitive skin. If you wear contact lenses make sure the products you use are user-friendly and safe for contact lens wearers.
  • * Face Painting Brush
  • * Face Painting (or cosmetics) small, clean sponge
  • * Jar of Warm Water
  • * Cotton Swabs optional
  • * Face Painting Design (your own designs or those from a great book such as this Klutz book called ‘Face Painting ‘ which comes with a set of non-toxic, water soluble face paint, made by a leading manufacturer of theatre make-up. Great instructions in this book, btw for a range of awesome looking faces. I love the Klutz series of children books: they make everything fun, easy, doable and add a lot of sophistication to an otherwise plainer crafting experience.

    (BTW. This Usborne Book of Face Painting (How to Make) is pretty good also. It does not come with paint however, but it’s inexpensive and the face painting design in this book are great.

  • Facial Cleaner/Makeup Remover. It is kind of common to make the mistake of not properly cleansing your face after make-up removal. Pay attention to this however, as costume and theater make-up can wreak havoc on sensitive skin. Always remember to gently remove any make-up, cleanse with a cleanser that is ideal for your skin type and follow up with a mild-astringent to remove any access residue.

devil face painting

Old-Age Effect

There are a few steps to creating a realistic looking ‘old age’-effect:

Step 1: Scrunch-up your face first, to emphasize your “natural” wrinkles. Apply make-up that is lighter than your natural skin-tone. Work on small areas at a time for optimal results.

Step 2: Then, “de-scrunch” and fill in the creases in your skin by using a soft brown eye-liner pencil. Create sunken-cheeks by darkening the cheek hollows. Emphasize the creases around your nose and darken along your jaw line.

Step 3: Create crow’ feet near your eyes (with the pencil).

Step 4: Pucker your lips to create wrinkles around your mouth , in the same way. Be sure to add liver spots, broken capillaries for the full effect.

TIP: Use the same techniques on your hands to keep the theme all over.

When you are all done, powder all over with baby powder to set your make-up and give a dry-cracked skin appearance. You can also use baby powder in your hair for a graying effect.


Pirate.facepaintingdesigns.co.uk Five O’clock Shadow

Burn a piece of cork and rub on the lower portion on your face in the shape of a beard. Create stubble by using ground coffee or tea stuck onto your skin with eyelash adhesive.


Facial Hair

Cut some fur off of an old stuffed animal and apply over face with eyelash adhesive. Apply a simple, light-weight mustache with a mascara wand.


Ghoulish Skin

For skin that actually peels and falls off, use any type of peel-off facial mask. Works very well.

Tip for Face Painting at Parties

If you are painting your Halloween faces during a party, you will need to have a set repertoire of designs that your party guests can choose from. This way, it will be more ‘do-able’ as face painting can be time consuming and you will want to be able to do many of them, particularly during the first part of the party.


angel face painting

With these great tips in place, you’ll have make-up that will make a lasting impression. For more ideas: visit Unique Face Painting Ideas. Or, for more Halloween costume and decorations ideas, visit our ‘Halloween Central’..


Absolutely stunning Indian goddess aka flower girl face & old devil face painting designs by kat-kraft.co.uk

Boy pirate face with scar and red bandana & spider girl face designs by www.facepaintingdesigns.co.uk.


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