Dr Seuss Valentines

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Dare I say this is a cute Valentines greeting card aka large candy tag featuring Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat. It will result in some winning gift giving. Perfect Valentines for a boy to give away, although I do know some husbands who still like Dr. Seuss.

Dr Seuss Valentines giftsAs you know, I also personally quite like Dr. Seuss, and you might recall these wonderful Dr. Seuss wall decals I featured, with some of his most insightful quotes.


Free Printable Valentine Cards

Anyhow, back to the greeting cards. They are 4 x 5” in high resolution.You could choose to put 4 to a page.

Click the image here to download your larger-file greeting cards.

Print, punch a hole in it and with a little ribbon wrap it around a candy bar. Or, even simpler, use some washi tape or Scotts tape and stick it on. Be sure to have your youngster sign it in person!

Done. Two minute solution that costs less than a dime.

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Credit: the base Dr Seuss design was by Lollyjane.com, who originally intended it as a party invitation. I repurposed it for Valentine, to share my Dr. Seuss love.

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