DIY Recycled Paper Basket

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This recycling crafts project is a fabulous way to use up old newspapers as well as a great way to learn how to weave. Add style and additional organization to every room to your home. These baskets are welcome everywhere except for the bathroom and the mud room ~ too humid at times for paper.


DIY Recycled Paper Baskets

Here is the quick tutorial on how to make these baskets.

Photo 1.  Be inspired and study details of these amazing baskets.

Step 1/photo 2: Cut the newspapers in long strips of about 3 inches. Note how the paper is torn lengthwise. This is important as it will be stronger than if the paper would be torn sidewise! Roll the paper at a 45 degree angle.

Step 2/photo 3: With a glue stick secure the end of the roll.

Step 3/photo 4: Cut a piece of cardboard to measure the length and width of the base of your baskets.  Glue on strips of paper on tit at about 2 cm (approx. 1”) intervals and use clothespins to secure them while drying. Space the strips evenly along each edge of the baskets. Add 2 additional strips in every corner leaving a 1/3” of space in between.

Step 4/photo 5: Once the glue is dry, glue on another piece of cardboard on top of the strips, to secure them all firmly into place. Again, use the clothespins to keep things tidy and firm.

Step 5/photo 6: Place a cardboard box (with something in it, for weight) along the inside of your basket-to-be and start weaving. Fold the first strip upwards, locking it with the second strip, and continue to do so for each strips till the whole basket is done.  Look at the picture to see clearly what I mean. 

Step 6/photo 7: Secure each strip at the top of the temporary inner-basket and ensure that each strip stays up perfectly straight!

Step7/photo 8: This may be a bit tight and tricky but lock the last strip of paper with the first strip as is shown in the image.  Now you are ready to start weaving!

Step 8/photo 9: With some glue and a fold under, secure your first weaving strip  and so start using up the gazillion paper strips you have made.

Step 9/photo 10:  When you have reached the desired height of your baskets, undo the top strips of your baskets and fold them over and tuck them into the basket to secure them, going all around the basket.

And voila, you have woven your first basket. Now that you have gotten the hang of things, no doubt many more will follow. Measure the sizes of tricky cabinets and areas where none of the standard-sized store-bought baskets would fit and make your own! You will be so happy with your new organization!!!


If you make a couple, you can spray paint them all at the same time. Otherwise, do one at the time. If you choose a copper brown paint, your baskets will look like they have been woven from branches! If you choose white, they will have that crisp look to them that I personally love!!!


Happy weaving!




Craft for Kids?

I think this is a very cool craft for kids, particularly for teenagers, who have a bit more patience and can handle a multi-step project.  All will love having made their own baskets to organize their bedrooms …. mmm… probably worth stimulating if you want any order into those kid bedrooms…??!!

A perfect back-to-school afternoon ado!

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  1. You stated to cut the paper in 3 inch strips but cut the paper in the long lengths?? Is that 3 inches wide?? and how many strips did you use for the baskets?? Thank you. I love these and want to give it a try..

  2. Yes, three inches wide.

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