DIY Linky Party 19

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Welcome to the DIY Craft Tutorial Linky Party again today!

((I’m pleased to be able to share with you all, that we are now officially a PR3- PR4 site, with over 1000 unique visitors a day, who, on average hang around for a while, looking at several pages. That’s nice for us, and that’s nice for you…))


Anyhow, back to the party….


There are four contributions that I’d like to feature of our prior linky party, as they really stood out as fabulous projects to undertake.

  carved pumpkins
redted camera girl 2
Domestic Bliss 3 pastels


  1. Pretty Carved Pumpkin : I am choosing this as I love the light-jewels in the pumpkin, and I had not seen this before
  2. Howto: Take Great Shots: Because I sooo need to not only read this 4x, but then start practicing, to get my photography up a notch.
  3. Domestic Bliss: Love how this collage came out. Pleasing colors, materials, variety.. etc. In sort, it works.
  4. How Projects Evolve, All By Themselves.: Happens to me all the time. To me, it is this serendipity that makes craft akin to art, plus, I like the bunting.


Featured Craft Blogs

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how to use a stencil


My contribution today is ‘How to Make a Sophisticated Stencil’.


You can use the techniques for ‘Thanksgiving decoration, Christmas decoration and even for handmade XMAS gifts’… and anything else, for that matter.  Once you have made one of these stencils, there’s no going back, folks. You will want to decorate EVERYTHING… HA!!  Enjoy.





1. link back, please.

2. visit others, please.

3. leave a comment, please, and let us know which of the other projects in the party you like….

4. have fun.

no sales, only tutorials.

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  1. I linked up to your party (#18) last week. The GIVE THANKS blocks I have to apologize that I didn’t put your link on my post. I’ve been having troubles with my computer. Everytime I go to Edit my post and add a link, for some reason my computer freezes up and shuts down. It’s very frustrating. I’m trying to get it figured out. Again, I apologize for not adding your link..I hope it’ll get figured out soon so I can link up to another party.

  2. I like to share my projects with you,thanks for your e-mail dear…

  3. Can’t wait to take a look at some of these other projects!! :)

  4. Oooh I want to make those wool sweater slippers!! Thanks for hosting :)

  5. Thanks for telling me about this!

  6. Thanks for hosting Rose!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and suggesting I link in ! said and done ! xo Lucy, CraftberryBush

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