DIY Detachable Collars

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Is it just my imagination or is the fashion just so much more creative these days?  I guess with the DIY / refashioning craze, we collectively have sprung out of the box. And look what we’ve come up with today: a uber-cool detachable collar. Party perfect. Something to wear going out.

Different models, variations on a theme: take an old shirt from your hubby when he is not looking and cut off the collar. Never mind if it’s frayed. We’re going to cover it.

Next: take some sassy lace from your stash, cut up a doily, take out your jewelry beads, and/or your crochet needle with some detachable_collarthread, and EMBELLISH that collar. Go as wild and crazy as you wish.

I quite dig this execution. It’s classy and elegant, and that glittering spider says….” Watch out, she’s a witch.’… Ha ha..

Perhaps that brooch is a tat too Halloween-y, but the blob of glitter there is just right. So, this detachable collar model stays IN.

photo credit: Burda Style


  1. What a great idea!!! I love how you take it off an old shirt. I have a bunch from my husband I can do this with. I love the sparkly spider too. I think I will try that with an owl…hmmmm. TFS!!

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