DIY Demin Shirt with Lace Back

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Refashion your plain-Jane denim shirt into a classy-but-spunky shirt with lace back! This button-down shirt is like a Ralph Lauren shirt with some cheek. (So like Anthropologie). Lace is trendy. So, just do this project and be ‘en vogue’!


DIY shirt with lace back :: shirt refashioning ::


Suitable Lace Fabric

I did some research as to what kind of lace is available and would be suitable for this garment:


62” Wide Jacqueline Lace Ivory Fabric By The Yard

Regular-width lace fabric by the yard that’s pretty, modern and even economical.



Ultra-elegant 12” wide lace, of which you will have to stitch two width together.


3. flower lace fabric
Beige Cotton Lace Fabric made of Flowers

use any of these lace fabrics that resemble the lace used for the demo –shirt, or better still, the ones that you like best.

Tip: if choose a stretch lace, you will have loads of additional possibilities (on what to make with the ‘leftover’… so double your order and ‘lace’ a handbag to match your shirt, for example. Or… something else..


demo photo credit | photo tutorial : by elsie + emma, from a beautiful mess.


DIY shirt with lace back :: shirt refashioning ::

Quick 1,2,3 How To Tutorial

1. Carefully cut the back out of a demin shirt that’s just too boring.

2. Either purchase lace fabric, or sew strips of lace together to make your own shoulders-width fabric.  Using the back of the demin shirt as a pattern, cut the shape of the back from your lace fabric. Tip: be sure to add seam allowances!

3. Sew the lace shirt back into the shirt.



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  1. i love this idea!

  2. this is great! I am going to try this!

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