DIY Clothes Racks Dividers

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Just back from vacation and after having done a mountain of laundry, I crave ORDER. Clothes order. Everywhere order. I need a more organized life. Now.

clothes racks

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OK. It’s not ‘that’ urgent, but I realize we all need organizing tools such as these dividers for your clothes racks.

Besides organizational-neat-‘freaks’ and order-craving, creative-mess producers like myself, it seems like half of the world is having new babies and the other half has kids going back-to-school. I reckon both groups of online readers will love these.

Do You Like to Make These?


I love the idea of recycling CDs for this purpose, but I am not good with scissors and CDs. (Can anybody help out here telling me how to cut CDs up?? )

Recycled cardboard might also work, provided you don’t give them too much handling, as they might get crooked fast.

Meanwhile, I found that you can buy a bunch of plain, blank plastic closet clothes rack dividers online for just 2 cents a piece, so that will have to do. (Note that you can easily spend $1-2 a piece in a store. Yes, those are not even hand embellished!)

So, instead of $2 just pay 2 cents/piece and get a 50-piece-box or a 100-piece-box.

If you think that’s too many dividers, think again. First, do them for all members of the family, say 7 each. Then, give them away in sets of 5-7 to friends for any of the upcoming holidays (Christmas), a baby shower or visit? Wouldn’t they make a very sweet gift?



I think CD labels will work as easy stick-ons. However, I prefer the pretty look of scrapbooking paper attached with Mod Podge glue, as is shown in the picture.

If you want to make your lettering neat (I DO !!!), you can use a free online label-maker template ( and print your words onto your pretty paper. (tip: do a trial print out on plain paper to ensure it is going to fit right and look good).

What are you going to write on yours?

clothes racks


  1. Excellent way to to keep your closet organized plus as a Christmas stocking stuffer! Definitely can’t get any cheaper than 2 cents each. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I could see where repurposing CDs for this would be great. But I think CDs may be slightly too rigid to “slip over” a closet dowel of a standard size.

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