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Advertisement 2014

We attract a rapidly growing community of DIY home decorators, environmentally minded women who love crafting, knitting, crochet, a range of paper art and other crafts. These creative individuals tend to stay quite a while on our site, each visit. On average, visitors spent 3 min. on our site per visit, some staying half an hour or more.

    We are proud of our constantly improving and already excellent readership figures :

  • GetClicky shows our performance at 2.2 + MILLION pageviews in 2013.r
  • by over 1 million visitors
  • with each of them reading 2 pages, staying for almost 3 minutes with us.
  • We’re a PR3 (some pages PR4),
  • with an Alexa Ranking of around 110,000 (this number swings and swings…).
  • We have a fast growing mailing list for a daily & monthly newsletter, with 22’000+ subscribers.
  • Social media: Pinterest: 20,500+; Facebook 3,500+; Twitter: 1000; Blogloving/Linkyfollowers/WeHeartIt: 360++. Total: approx. 25,500+ and growing.

In this context, our ad rates are very INEXPENSIVE:

1. Basic Ads

1 A. Right Sidebar, ABOVE THE FOLD: 125X125, $15/week, prepaid monthly
1 B. Right Sidebar, BELOW THE FOLD: 125×125, $10/week, prepaid monthly **

1 C: Right Sidebar, BELOW THE FOLD: 125×125, prepaid annually, receive a complimentary introduction article (which may include also a discount code, if you’d like) and a free give-away or contest article for readers. Only $295 + giveaway/contest prize to mail out directly.

2. Affiliate Programs.

In 2013, we plan to focus on creative affiliates with artisan-made products, and are looking for commission rates in the order of 30-50%, offering us a real incentive to promote your lovely creative work in our various social media outlets, blog and mailing list.

2. Product Reviews + GiveAways for Crafted, Home Decor or Personal Accessory Items.

I’d be happy to review your product if it is related to the topics and the values displayed on our site and has a value of $40 +. Artisans who create unique handmade products or services (as one would typically find in an Etsy shop) and who will mail us a non-refundable sample product for evaluation: $50 per review.

Non-handmade product reviews for commercial businesses who mail us a non-returnable sample specimen for evaluation: $70 per review. Includes a link to your actual shop or business name, Facebook page, and/or your email address. We are actively looking for ‘giveaways’ for the 2013.

3. Larger on-site or Newsletter Advertisements

- by arrangement.

4. Your Promo Ideas.

Tell us what you wish for, and we’ll see if we can accommodate you. We do not sell ‘dofollow’ ‘key word’ links, so please do not ask for these. All links are ‘nofollow’ and must be related to the topics on this blog.

Note: Ads must be static and blend with our site design. We reserve the right to refuse advertisers and/or ad copy we consider unsuitable. However, we anticipate that your ad will be just great and we welcome you to contact us!


We are now looking to fill our advertisement spaces for the 2013. Inquire and book your ad spot today! Email us at: contact at .

Affiliates Disclosure

Some ads at are from affiliate services. Though is not responsible for their privacy terms and use of cookies, our affiliation is mostly with major, reputable sites such as, The Land of Nods, Tiny Prints,, ISLY, and several craft niche product sellers, which change from time to time.