Crochet Clocks – Fabulous Free Pattern

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I saw this whimsical and oh-so-stunning crochet clock and right away wanted to share a free crochet pattern to make it with you all. Wouldn’t this be wonderful to make?!! .. to have? to give?

crochet_clock_free _crochet_patterns

Made by Matt at ‘According to Matt’. Yep, a crochet guy. Obviously he knows what he is doing. There are two variations to this clock, called either the lady bug clock or the bumble bee clock. Both feature lots of crochet flowers and a crochet rainbow. Oh, I am just filled with glee. I love this.

Best of all, Matt actually gives you his pattern away for free on his blog.


To Make or to Give

I think you have enough time to put this together before Christmas. However, it would equally make a fabulous gift as a kit.

Get your clock hands & mechanism online.

(Reminder:  only 5 days left for Christmas shipping).

Pair the clock mechanism and crochet pattern with lots of leftover yarn and you got yourself a wonderful crochet clock craft kit to give to someone creative. What a whimsical gift!


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