Cozy Cat Bed Crochet Pattern

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Well, this cat bed crochet pattern is adorable, isn’t it? Tiny kittens love to be cozy and warm, and this cat bed sleeping dome will fit the bill. Mommy cat and daughter kitten can play in and on the dome. When they get tired, they get to snuggle up together and sleep in the bed. Ahhh!! There are a wide range of cat beds on the market, but this home-made variety sure is a winner in my book.

cat bed free crochet pattern

Want to crochet a cat dome too? No problem. As Finnish Eilen has translated her free cat bed crochet pattern into English and you can find it at the bottom of the article on her blog,

Eilen actually calls her cat bed dome a cat nest. The nest measures 37cm x 37cm wide and is 20cm high. The entrance is 15cm wide and 11cm high.

Cozy Cat Bed Crochet Pattern Variation Suggestions

Don’t be afraid to add some color to this pattern. I can see a huge Embroidered rose on the side of this, in duo-tone, or in stripes, with either two or a range of different colors.


(The only ‘problem’ with this oh-so-cute cat bed is that one might be tempted to place this centrally rather than in a quiet place without too much traffic. I guess the happy balance is to put it in the quietest corner that’s still in full view. Other than this problem of being just too-cute, I see none other.)

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