Calligraphy Workshop Gift

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I’m sooo excited!!  I got my first Christmas gift for the year from a fellow blogger and it’s something that touches my heart (or my soul… not sure yet…?!! But this stuff is soulful!) 

Remember Melissa who made this fabulous dress, and gave us the free tutorial on how to make your own in just 30 minutes?  I wrote about her also doing an online calligraphy workshop as she had really beautiful lettering on her site.

Anyhow, she just gifted me a free access to her online calligraphy course ! What a nice Christmas gift!!!!!! And if that wasn’t enough, if you buy her course too, which makes sense as it is as a PERFECT LAST MINUTE GIFT for that oh-so-difficult person to find gifts for, or for yourself, she’ll even give me a kick-back of sorts. What a darling.


This online course, as I just glanced, is not just some wimpy little course. It contains:

  • 4 videos
  • 8 lessons with photos, guides and illustrations
  • 4 weeks of access
  • Downloadable practice guides, AND, best of all,
  • Class assignments with an upload gallery and instructor feedback for 30 days.
    I can’t wait to begin.
    See, my handwriting is TERRIBLY ugly. While I love embellishing jars, labels, etc., my yucky handwriting always ruins things. I have a feeling that this workshop is going to make me sooo happy.
    Despite the crazy business of tomorrow being THE prep day for Christmas, and then it IS Christmas, I am going to try to find a moment to get started.
    So, time permitting, over the next few days, I will be showing you my first workshop day output. And I’ll add some of my prior handwriting, so you can see if it gets any better… ha ha…
      Enjoy the season! Happy Holidays!!!!


    1. Oh I love calligraphy! What a great idea for a gift. Merry Christmas!

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