Best Crafts 2012

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I asked a friend what she thought were the best craft & DIY projects we posted at in 2012. This is what she came up with.


Valentine Pop-up Greeting Cards.


How to Make Succulent Wreaths.


Cupcakes with Hydrangea Flower Frosting.


5 Last Minute Easter Ideas (incl. this delicious angel food cake with roses).


Crochet Daisies Free Pattern.


Rose Napkin Fold.


How to Paint a Rug.

Beads, Beads, Beads.


Coffee Spill April Fools Day Prank.


DIY Jeans Bags.

Music-themed Boy Bedroom Dresser.


After that, it became really hard to decide. “You have to point people to that ‘Archives’-menu midway your right hand column” she said.  “There’s soooo much there that’s wonderful to make. Enough to fill a year, or two, with great projects”.

Not sure if you knew, but we were just recently featured in the Huffington Post! Yeah baby! And this is what they choose to feature: DIY Recycled Cork Floor Mats

What’s your favorite post from FineCraftGuild in 2012?


  1. great bags

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