Anthropologie-Inspired Ruffle Pillowcases

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Pillows for your bed, that is. as part of your bedding. With adorable ruffles, I might add. Several different types and rows of ruffles, I might add. I’m smitten, I might add.

As per good Anthropologie –quality level, this pillow case would cost you $48 in the store. But, it has lots of good details, such high-quality cotton fabric and serged edges on the layers and layers of ruffles.



Note that there are 2 ruffles: one double ruffle that you can see on the left. On top of that is a second strip of fabric which is ruffled on the left (making it look like there are 3 layers of ruffles on the left) and on the right, to finish off the edge of the pillow case.


anthropologie_pillows_rathering_rufflesHere you can see two ruffle making techniques: the serged edges, plus the gathering of the thread to create the ruffles. Be sure to pin down all your ruffles and also to pre-iron them to ensure an even distribution of the ruffles and an easy time sewing on the strips of ruffles onto your pillow.

photo credit | ‘Anthro’ pillow sewing pattern: Home Stitched


  1. Thanks for showing us how to achieve such a cute look for our pillows! I saw your post over at Handy Man, Crafty Woman blog party.

  2. Love how it turned out!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality last week!!!

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