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Who is FineCraftGuild?

FineCraftGuild aims to be ‘the destination-blog’ for easy, eco-friendly DIY Crafts & Home Décor tutorials & patterns. It takes inspiration, research, experimentation, practice and time to raise a creative project from ‘good’ to ‘great’. We present easy, inspiring and green how-tos, tutorials and patterns. And we offer extensive input on what works and what doesn’t. This way, readers can create beautiful work, simply and fast.

Our readers live at the core of the current makers-culture. We help them create craft, DIY and decor projects better: simple, economical, beautiful, trendy and eco-friendly.

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With 1300+ free craft tutorials and more in the pipeline, we currently host and reference plenty of tutorials and training materials on site.

However, if you want help with any other particular project, send us an email: contact (at)

::’s Readers & Advertising Opportunities

Our readers are women who pursue creative projects. They have an eye for the beautiful, unique and trendy. However, many are moms and have busy schedules. Hence, they need projects to be achievable, practical, economical, … and eco-friendly.

Collectively, our readers read about 2.2 million pages on our site in 2013. Readers read about 2 pages and stayed almost 3 full minutes on the site during each visit. We are a PR3. We have been featured and quoted in a long list of publications and blogs, including the Huffington Post, CraftGossip, Curbly, True blue Me & You, and many individual blogs. We have a large following on Pinterest (nearly 25,000), Facebook, and other social media.

We offer great opportunities to share your wonderful products with our readers. Please visit our advertising page before emailing us to discuss your advertising needs. Once you are ready, we will provide you detailed, up-to-date statistic business figures and work out with you how we can best serve your needs. Email us with questions/ comments: contact (at)

We carefully select our advertisers and look for win/win opportunities. Your ad should be of direct interest to our readers and be a service (not a nuisance) to our readers. If you consider advertising with us, disclosure upfront what you want to advertise. Due to time constraints we can only reply to serious advertisers and review or advertising options beforehand.


Fine Craft Guild’s Eco-green Focus

Begin 2014, we counted that about 40% of the projects at use recycled craft materials in articles. We aim to strengthen that green focus by writing more and more about recycled crafts & eco- green DIY decor ideas throughout 2014 and beyond.

New materials suggested are usually logical choices, such as in the case of ingredients in food recipes. Often though, suggests readers to first check what already have in their home before purchasing new craft supplies. Our philosophy is to make the world a happier and greener place: thus: re-purpose, ‘make do with what you have’, and buy only what is necessary to make projects fabulous.


The Fine Craft Guild of Creative Writers & Editors

About Rose, Editor Fine Craft Guild

Fine Craft Guild is written mostly by our prolific Editor who loves life and writes under the pseudoneum of Rose.

Rose lives like an artist and embellishes everything in sight. You can find handmade home accents throughout her house, made with wide range of media.

She paints in acrylics. Paper art & craft seem to stick with her, and her projects in this medium turn out half decent. She loves bead jewelry, making necklaces, bracelets, etc!

Rose learned knitting as a teenager, while her growing interest in crochet is only 5 years old. These days, she also loves getting her sewing machine out….

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Beyond Rose, we feature guest writers – artisans from all over the world, covering all kinds of different crafts. They are people who love to create DIY, Crafts & Home Décor, and have a keen interest in eco-friendly designs.

Writers are active crafters, jewelry makers, quilters, seamstresses, crochet-ers, knitters, home decorators, renovators, furniture upcyclers, and artists. We share DIY & craft tutorials, tips and techniques on this blog. We don’t feature everything. Only what inspires us!


craft Michael

Behind the scenes at we have a guy dubbed ‘Michael’. He is our technical guru who can figure out and fix anything with our craft blog. From time to time, he’ll be poking his nose out.


Fine Craft Guild’s Privacy Policy

Third parties may be placing and reading cookies on users’ browser, or using web beacons to collect information, in the course of ads being served on this website. Please Google the latest, most up-to-date information about your user options for cookie management.

We don’t sell email addresses.


Fine Craft Guild’s Disclosure

Our articles contain affiliate links. We often make recommendations for products we believe in and will earn an affiliate fee if you were to buy them. We do however sincerely recommend them. We hope you will use these links to purchase your craft materials. Earning little fees for each sale helps to maintain this blog.

There are also advertisements on this site. We will receive a small return if you were to click on these image-links. All these little amounts have helped us to pay expenses and keep Fine Craft Guild alive.

A New Structure of Support

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To cut cost of shopping carts and other blog software to manage this site, we have set up a company in early 2014. Or put in business terms, is now owned and operated by Aryta Ltd. Aryta manages several successful websites in specific niche markets.

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Aryta Ltd. is registered at 1 Rosemont Road, London NW3 6NG, England.