9+ Vertical Gardens :: Vegetable Garden Ideas

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June 7 – update: Here are two more fabulous vertical vegetable gardening ideas. I took these photos a while back, and I thought to let you feast your eyes on them, just in time for the weekend. So that when you go to that garage sale over the weekend, you’ll pick up just the right number of teapots, to hang your own geraniums, or herbs, or hang tomatoes in a celebrating vertical vegetable garden that was unheard of just a month before!

vertical  vegetable gardening with teapots

vertical herb garden with galvanized buckets :: FineCraftGuild.com


That’s it for the update. The prior article:

Last weekend, I was just browsing around for vertical vegetable gardening ideas. Encouraged by how well my own veggies are taking root and growing, more vertical vegetable garden ideas are needed!!! I want to grow more veggies!

vertical gardening :: finecraftguild.com

It is no wonder that Vertical gardening has become so popular

  • It maximizes your harvest,
  • It maximizes the use of what is essentially a very limited space
  • By usuing a vertical gardening method, you avoid having to bend all the time while attending to your vegetable garden,
    and last but not least,

  • These trellises keep your vegetables away from pests and rot. They are off the ground. Brilliant!

    Today I’m sharing another handful of vertical vegetable garden ideas with you. They are quite diverse. I am sure that one or perhaps several ideas will suit your garden/balcony gardening situation:

    • If you have land, consider that cucumber trellis!!!
    • If you have just a veggy garden bed, consider that tomato trellis / wall extension of your bed.
    • If you lots of land consider that gorgeous gourd canopy.
    • If you are a balcony healthy organic vegetable growing ‘activist’ that try out the mesh hanging basket to grow an assortment of vegetables and herbs. It is so cute and which has excellent drainage!

    Here they are, in no particular order of favor.


    Colander Hanging Vegetable & Herb Garden

    Great way to recycle some unused kitchen utensils and tools. Go find your old strainers from the back of your kitchen cabinets, or do the rounds at garage sales. Fabulous in the garden as a vertical garden holder. Well, perhaps this IS my favorite idea then…. Love it!

    vertical vegetable garden herbs :: finecraftguild.com


    ‘Skyscraper’ Trellis for a Vertical Tomato Garden

    vertical gardening tomatoes pumpkins

    You might have seen this picture on Pinterest, and well, it sure does look like a fantastic wall system. Of course, you can grow any kind of vegetables that can climb along a trellis. What is nice about this particular garden trellis, is that it comes as a kit. And that it is sturdy enough to grow rather heavy vegetable plants. If you do as good a job as the gardener in the picture, you’ll have many, many pounds of tomatoes hanging on there! Here’s where you get the trellis kit: Space Saving, Vertical, Organic Vegetable, Sky Scraper Gardening System.

    Vegetable Plot Extension Wall – Trellis

    I came across another system, with perhaps less of a striking Pinterest-worthy picture. This system gets better reviews in Amazon and is significantly cheaper. It is less than half the cost of the other vertical vegetable garden trellis kit above.
    vertical gardening wall

    This trellis is perfect to grow tomatoes, pole beans, cucumbers, as well as any vining plants. It is an easy-to-assemble kit for a 4′ x 6′ reusable trellis that grows vertically vining plants either against a wall, or as a free-standing unit using your own posts. The unit takes up just four square feet of growing space but produces more vegetation than a 24 square foot plot! No planter nor planting bed is included. You put this trellis into your soil.

    You can buy this system here:
    Frame-It-All Veggie Wall Expandable Stainless Steel Trellis System.
    Anyhow, check both out and pick what suits.


    DIY Vertical (vegetable) garden in window frame

    These are not vegetables but could be vegetables. It’s a gorgeous design. Of course, by a landscape architect. Leave it to them to make your garden functional and pretty!

    vertical garden in vintage window frame


    Vertical Vegetable Gardening Trellis

    This is a DIY project plan for a vegetable garden trellis, with tutorial, wood shopping list and all. It is a rose aka vegetable garden trellis. In my mind, this gardening trellis is so pretty! Your gourds as well as here climbing roses will love this pretty trellis. It is also very sturdy. It has a structural look to it.
    What’s not to love!? Yes, perhaps the elbow grease required to pull this project off might be beyond the scope of some. Try it at least. You can always ask a husband, neighbor, best friend, that handy girl around the girl to come help you.

    vertical garden :: garden trellis :: finecraftguild.com


    Vertical Vegetable Trellis

    as shading for Adjacent Vegetable Bed:

    This cucumber trellis, when tilted rather than upright, can provide shade for shade-needing vegetables underneath the trellis.

    .cucumber trellis :: vertical gardening :: finecraftguild.com


    Vertical Vegetable Garden with Pumpkins, Gourds & Kumquats

    This vertical vegetable garden of gourds and pumpkins is just gorgeous! A sheer oasis, where I would love to grow my vegetables. Who would not want to have a fairy party under this exquisite canopy of healthy vegetables ??!! Perhaps hang a mosquito net under the vegetables just to avoid them falling by accident onto anyone’s head?


    This awesome vertical garden with hanging pumpkins is in Taiwan.


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    1. How do you grow the hanging gourds and veggies garden?

    2. Hi! I’ve been searching for the pumpkin tunnel and found it was taken at a garden in Shinnan, Taiwan. Here’s the link of that place: http://www.sn.url.tw/f04.html
      Thanks for sharing.

    3. Pier Elswick says:

      Where abouts is the vegetable ghourd vertical garden located? It’s absolutely gorgeous!!! Are there parks where these vertical gardens are located so they can be visited and appreciated? Thank you.

    4. I will insert the answers to your question in the article, so anyone can enjoy the responses. Great questions, Pier!

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