10 Free Printable Fathers Day Cards, Templates & More Project Ideas

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Wonder when is father’s day this year? It June 16, 2013 in the United States, Canada and the UK; and later in September in Australia and New Zealand.

As you realize that NOW is the time to prepare, I`ve worked hard to help you get started.

Free Printable Fathers’ Day Cards

I thought to create a whole range of free printable father’s day cards, each centered on a different theme to suit any kind of dad.


1. Wish Happy Fathers Day to your ‘Pro Golf’ Dad with this golf puzzle template and  Fathers’ Day greeting card, which reads: “You swing being my Dad really well.”

2. For Nature-loving dads with outdoor-playing kids, I’ve made an easy solution: click to download, print and sign your card, and go play back outside in less than 5 minutes. Your Father’s Day Card reads: When it comes to being a Dad, you’re a Natural!’.

3. For Cool, City Slicker Father, you might like to wish him  Happy Father’s Day with this unique card of zippers, leaves and a butterfly. Reads “Dad, I love you.” You can add ‘Happy Fathers Day’ if you wish on the inside of the card. (When I made this card, it instantly became my personal favourite.)

4. This Father’s Day greeting is for a new dad with a newborn baby.  For sure, New dads will adore this cabbage darling card.  Check out the complementary gift ideas…

5. For Fathers Who are Busy on the Computer All Day, I made a free printable greeting card for Fathers Day which spells ‘I love you’ in 0’s and 1’s.  This card also useful for other occasions.


6. For Executive-Dads who are always in the office, give him this paperclips and post-it note Father’s Day card. He will feel right at home. :-)

7. For Dads who love the sun and vacations, send him some sunny rays with my Mexican-inspired Father’s Day card.

8. For Asian or Asia-loving dads, I created this lovely paisley card. ‘I love dad’. Simple and nice.

9. This free printable plaque is great for single dads. It reads “Dad, you are the center of my world. I love you”. Of course, other dads might like this one too. You choose the card that’s best for YOUR dad.

10. If your dad is truly special, well, it’s best to just tell him so. Today is the day. This free father’s day card that I made for you reads:


‘Any man can be a father, but …

it takes a special man

to be a dad!’


special fathers day card


OK. 10 card choices here for you!  All free.  Like more than one? Good, because you should not forget to give a card to Grandpa on this special day too.

I hope you enjoy these free Father’s Day printables, downloads, templates and ideas. The cards are all originally designed by me.

Right of use: the templates and cards are only for personal use, and for classroom use in public schools. No other use is permitted without written consent.

Thank you in advance for honoring my copyright.




OK. It’s your turn. I look forward to seeing some of the projects that you have made, and in particular how you have used the templates, samples and ideas posted here. 


Happy Fathers’ Day!


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  1. Hello,

    There are some really cool ideas for Fathers Day on this site which I will look into. It’s always a great way to learn and share ideas like this. Not sure what I am going to do this year, maybe my sisters and I can club together and buy him a track day which I know he will love! At least I have the card already sorted so that’s one less thing to worry about. This year I am going to be sending Dad an eCard rather than a paper card. He loves his computer, so I am sure that he will appreciate it. I was on the net and came across a cool Fathers Day eCard site that I quite like. Up until now I had not sent an ecard before, but this site made it real simple. Hope this is helpful?

  2. Fine Craft Guild says:

    all links are now working
    thank you for your heads up!

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